Dr. Juha Kaitera

Senior Scientist
Natural Resources Institute Finland

Title: Biology of cone pathogens of PiceaThekopsora and Chrysomyxa cone rusts

Juha Kaitera is a forest pathologist and a Senior Scientist at the Natural Resources Institute Finland in Oulu, Finland. He is a Docent at the University of Oulu with an expertise in epidemiology of rust diseases. His research has concentrated especially on scleroderris canker of pine and spruce, pine stem rusts, spruce cone rusts and root and butt rot diseases (especially Heterobasidion), of which he has published over 60 peer-reviewed scientific papers. His recent work has focused on pine stem rusts (Cronartium, Peridermium) and cone rusts of spruce (Thekopsora, Chrysomyxa), of which he has published over 40 peer-reviewed articles. The research of cone rusts has concentrated on their fruiting and sporulation, life cycle, host and alternate host range, and effect on seeds.