Dr. Christer Löfstedt

Lund University

Title: “Three out of the Big Five”: Challenges in pheromone-based control of moths in spruce seed orchards

Christer’s research interests include all aspects of insect chemical communication with focus on the evolutionary and applied aspects of pheromone communication in moths. Ongoing research ranges from molecular biology of pheromone reception and pheromone biosynthesis to studies of insect behaviour in the field. Christer is involved in several projects aimed at biorational control of pest insects by means of insect pheromones, one of the foremost alternatives to the use of conventional insecticides. He teaches various aspects of chemical communication on undergraduate courses in chemical ecology, evolutionary ecology, sensory biology, molecular ecology and biotechnology.

Christer is head of Department of Biology at Lund University since 2010, President of The International Society of Chemical Ecology and fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. He was appointed professor in Ecology at Lund University in 1998.