Dr. Steve McKeand

North Carolina State University

Title: Management strategies to increase genetic gain and to maintain healthy trees in loblolly pine seed orchards and forests in the southern US

Steve has been a Professor of Forestry and Environmental Resources for over 30 years and is Director of the Cooperative Tree Improvement Program (http://treeimprovement.org//) at North Carolina State University. In addition to directing the program, Steve conducts research in support of the Tree Improvement Cooperative, teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in forest genetics, directs graduate students, and conducts outreach and extension programs for the 35 company and government agency members of the Cooperative as well as for foresters and forest landowners throughout the southern US.

Steve received his BS in Forestry in 1976 and MS in Forest Genetics in 1978, both from Purdue University. In 1983, he completed his PhD in Forest Genetics at NC State University.