Dr. Alain Roques

Research Director of Forest Zoology

Title: Why are insect pests more impacting in seed orchards than in surrounding forests? The experience of long-term surveys of pest damage in France.

Alain Roques (D.Sc., Ph.D.) is the leader of the Forest Zoology unit with INRA Orléans, France. He is a forest entomologist with 31 years of experience on the biology, ecology and behavior of forest insects. He got his PhD in 1975 and DSc in 1988. Until the late 2000s, his activity mostly focused the mechanisms underlying the colonization of conifer cones by insects, developing EU research programs in seed orchards of Europe and China. During the recent years, he turned towards biological invasions and the effect of global warming on the populations of terrestrial invertebrates. He especially coordinated the inventory of alien terrestrial invertebrates in Europe realized within the DAISIE project. He was also the editor of a recent book devoted to the relationships between climate change and insects: “Processionary Moths and Climate Change: An update”. He published more than 150 peer-reviewed papers, of which 65 dealing with cone and seed insects, 25 books and book chapters, and presented 93 communications at international conferences.